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May 2021

May 2021We had a very successful online meeting with the Locomus Network, the Dutch/Belgian regional music research network. The program and talk and poster titles are here!

April 2021

April 2021Together with Dr. Ineke van der Ham’s group, we’ve been awarded a prize for our science communication efforts from the Royal Dutch Science Academy (or KNAW)! It’s wonderful that science communication is becoming something that is rewarded this explicitly.

April 2021

April 2021Good news, three collaborative papers were recently accepted for publication, one on the international collaboration on uses of music in the covid pandemic, published Frontiers, led by Roni Granot in Jerusalem, one on multimodal rhythmic signals, to appear in Philosophical Transactions B (preprint), led by Wim Pouw in Nijmegen, and one on brain asymmetries… Read More »

February 2021

February 2021We’re happy to announce that our large collaborative paper on music technology in health care, coming from our Lorentz workshop, has been accepted for publication in Music and Science. The preprint can be found here.

December 2020

December 2020We’re happy to announce that we have been awarded a science communication grant from the Dutch scientific organisation NWO to support the upcoming SNAAR festival in Utrecht, now planned for spring 2022!

December 2020

December 2020There have been another few press outings, for instance this piece on using music as coping during the pandemic in national newspaper AD, and this interview on the possible health hazards of christmas music for 3FM’s YouTube channel – all in Dutch though!

September 2020

September 2020Although we had to miss out on most conferences and many other things in this tumultuous year, we’re starting fresh with our new group, with new PhD and Master projects. Exciting times ahead! Welcome new Master students Kim, Eric, Jonathan, Laura, Mladena and Maria!

September 2019

September 2019A new name has been found for or Low Countries Music Research Network: we called it Locomus! Website and mailing list soon to follow.Also, we are starting a new year with fresh faces in the lab and new projects! Welcome Andres, Meike, Alexandra, Mara, Juliet, and Dion!

June 2019

June 2019Congratulations to Dr. Susan Williams who successfully defended her thesis entitled ‘Finding Focus: Using external focus of attention for practicing and performing music’. Excellent work!

April 2019

April 2019Getting ready for more conferencing: Two submissions were accepted to RPPW this summer! Also, Rebecca was on Dutch national radio with an interview about music, the brain, Easter, and sports.