PhD positions

If you are looking for a PhD position, it is good to know that Dutch universities do not work with graduate programs in the same way as many other countries. Here, PhD candidates are generally hired as junior researchers on grants awarded to staff members. Any openings are posted on the university job page, as well as (for the whole country). If such a vacancy is not posted there, there are currently no openings. There are some opportunities to get your own funding, but they’re quite limited and (thus) competitive. This way it’s different here from some other countries, where you might apply as a student with your own topic and then look for funding to cover tuition, like in the UK or the USA.
Although school systems vary, it’s often the case that people will advertise a PhD studentship when it’s available, and for music psychology listings you might consider getting on the Auditory mailinglist or looking at the SMPC website: to look for music psychology- or music & health-related PhD positions across the world.
If you are self-funded, there may be possibilities to do your PhD in our lab, if your project has a sufficient fit with ongoing research. This however depends on the fellowship you have: our department has chosen not to work with PhD-funding organisations who underpay their awardees, meaning that we can only accommodate your PhD here if your income matches the cost of living here. If you would like to apply for a grant to come work with us, please only do so after getting in touch (by email: music.psychology.leiden ‘at’ and getting your idea approved. Feel free to get in touch if you have an idea for funding but aren’t sure!